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  Rahul Salhotra
•  B. Com from Delhi University, New Delhi
•  LL.B from CCS University, Meerut
•  Advocate, Registered Patent Agent (IN/PA: 522)
Professional Experience
General Manager in KAN AND KRISHME.

Patent Filing & Formalities. Monitoring the overall Patent Administrative activities right from the receiving of new Patent instructions, docketing, filing of Patent applications (Convention, Non-Convention, National Phase, PCT, Divisional Applications), Formalities related to Patent applications, Request for Examination, Managing Deadlines in Patent Process, Managing Patent Annuities, Statement of Working, Client Queries.
  • Specialisation
He is specialized in preparing and filing ordinary, national phase, Conventional and PCT patent Applications with Indian Patent office;

He is specialized in preparing, filing and obtaining requests for Foreign Filing Permission in Indian Patent office;

He is specialized in Deadline Management for Patent and Trademark matters.

He is also Specialized in prosecuting Indian as well as Patent matters in Foreign Jurisdictions. He has in depth knowledge of Indian Patent, Trademark and Copyright Laws

He coordinates with the Patent Office officials for client's urgent matter.
  • Past Professional Assignments
•  Lex Orbis Consulting Pvt. Ltd. - September 2006 - March 2019
•  ANAND AND ANAND - September 1997 - September 2006
Visit profile of Patent Attorney/Agent dealing with: Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Chemists and Pharmacologist Trademark Attorney & Lawyer Dealing With Trademark & IP Litigation) Media and Entertainment Law, Sweepstakes and Promotions and Advertisement Clearance
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